Marjorie Peterson and Daphne Wright Looking at Baskets

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This photo shows several styles of basketry and weaving: adorned baskets, woven balls and a work basket.
Traditional Knowledge: 

The basket with a bird design is done with the false embroidery technique where the design is only visible on the outside of the basket. Designs of ethnomorphic figures like this are difficult to do and this was woven by an accomplished weaver. The body of the bird is embroidered with maidenhair fern which never fades; the feet, beak and eye is done with grass. The large geometric designs in orange and yellow are embroidered with a weft that has been dyed brown. This brown background adds another layer to the design.

Near the center of the picture there are two balls; presumably toys.

A small work or storage basket is pictured on the right. It was woven with warp going horizontally between each row of compact twining. This technique produces a coarser weave pattern and often has less adornment. The top three or four rows use one brown weft and one natural weft to make a "strawberry weave" design.