F/V Karen Jean

The Karen Jean, at Middle Pass, captained by Joe White.
Traditional Knowledge: 

These boats are "newer" seine boats as you can see with the power blocks. The FV Sea Ranger is the boat seen in the background, setting the second set. The captain of the Karen Jean, Joe White, liked to take the early set. He would be known to take a set off the cliff, where there was danger of snags, towing out very hard as the tide rushes to shore he would close up fast.

Joe White

The FV Karen Jean, Captain Joe White, is hauling in the seine “outside the island” off Middle Pass at the Inian Islands, while the Sea Ranger tows his net nearby.  Taylor Island can be seen in the background.   White is reported to have never looked at a tide table, yet he intimately knew and mastered the tides at the Inian Islands.