Bill Wilson, Sr.


Bill Wilson was an accomplished Tlingit artist who created silver jewelry, including rings, bracelets and earrings.

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Elsie Wilson Gets Eye Drops Post Fire
Hoonah residents were given eye drops because many were affected by the smoke and ashes from the 1944 fire. In these photographs Elsie Wilson gets eye drops while her husband Bill Wilson, Sr. overlooks and assists.
Bill Wilson Sr. and Elsie Wilson
Bill J. Wilson, Sr. was a fisherman, hunter, gatherer, trapper, boxer and a renowned jewelry maker.
Bill Wilson Sr.
Bill's Tlingit name was Ya Ka Na Ook and he belonged to the Chookaneidi Brown Bear clan.
C.C.C., Building Trail Between Hoonah and the Cannery
Men laying foundation along shoreline; supervising their work are Art Glover, Regional Engineer (left) and Horace Blood, C.C.C. Foreman (right)