Vagabond Queen with Hoonah Men Pulling Net

Some of these men are from different crews. It was common practice for crewmembers to help each other work on nets.

Left to Right:  Wilbur Lindoff, Ray Howard, Unknown, James Lindoff, Ed Mercer, Sr., Larry Sanders, Al Marvin, Nick Fawcett, Unknown, Elmer Carteeti.  The Vagabond Queen was captained by Al Martin, Frank Wright, Sr., and Frank Wright Jr.  William Johnson captained the Gypsy Queen.


Repairing the net during weekend layups was the job of the crew, who took great pride in the condition of their boats and nets.  Comradery and teamwork was shared among the Huna boats and crews.  During those years seining was the only way of life the seine crews.   In this image the crew of the Vagabond Queen work in unison at a common task.