Sergius Sheakley, U.S. Army, 1967-69

Sergius Sheakley served in the Third Battalion, 143rd Signal Corp.

Sergius Sheakley attended boot camp in Fort Lewis, Washington.  His highest rank was Spec IV. 

He was in the Third Battalion, 143rd Signal Corp.  His company was “Chargin’ Charlie” C41 (This company was famous for Charles Alvin "Charlie" Beckwith, commonly known as Chargin' Charlie, who was a career U.S. Army Special Forces officer best remembered as creating Delta Force, the premier counter terrorism and asymmetrical warfare unit of the U.S. Army. He met Bobo Olson Junior (Carl Olson) the World Middleweight champion between October 1953 and December 1955.

After boot camp, Sergius went to Fort Lee, Virginia, for special training to be a quartermaster.   

Sergius Sheakley asked to serve either in Vietnam or Alaska, however he was deployed to Frankfurt, Germany.  While stationed there, part of Mr. Sheakley’s training involved preparing for possible border crossings from the communist National People's Army; the armed forces of the German Democratic Republic, one of the Warsaw Pact militaries opposing NATO during the Cold War.