Postcard of Hoonah Waterfront 1935

This Ordway postcard, taken before the 1944 fire, shows a tranquil Hoonah at low tide.

From Archives West,

Frederick K. Ordway ("Alaska's Flying Photographer") and his wife, Laura P. Ordway, settled in Juneau around 1926. Fred Ordway worked as an electrician for Alaska Light and Power Co. for less than a year before opening Ordway's Photo Service (or Photo Shop) on Front Street. Laura Ordway was a photographer and writer employed by Alaska Line Steamship Co. and freelance writer/photographer for Popular Science, Alaskan Travel and other magazines and advertising companies. The Ordways traveled throughout Alaska in the 1930s, photographing Alaskan subjects. In 1934, Fred Ordway moved his expanding business into the Shattuck Building in Juneau and renamed it Ordway's Uptown Photo Shop. Fred Ordway died at the age of 35 on Feb. 17, 1938, from injuries he received when his rented monoplane crashed south of Oregon City, Oregon. He was photographing at the time. According to the Daily Alaskan Empire , his ashes were scattered over Mendenhall Valley in Juneau by pilot Joe Crosson.