Men in the Wolf House in Hoonah Wearing Regalia

Left to Right: Alex Andrew, Moses Smith (child peeking out) Willie Ross, Jimmie Martin, George Dalton, Sr. and Max Lindoff.

This photo was taken in commemoration of the Wolf House screen.  Note the newness of the middle, white tunic which was made for Jimmie Martin by James Klanott of Klukwan.  Jimmie Martin built the Wolf House.  His son John Martin said "He could not buy a screen or house post so he brought in artist David Williams to design it.  Jimmie Martin paid for most of the Wolf House screen out of his own pocket.  When James Klanott heard about this he wove the tunic that Jimmie Martin is wearing and gave it to him.  When Jimmie Martin drowned in Glacier Bay, the tunic was cut up and put in the water."