Mary Wilson

Mary Wilson was born in Dundas Bay, Alaska.

Mary Anderson Wilson, Tlingit name L Xe'is', was born June 10, 1909/1910 (she had 2 different birth certificates), in Dundas Bay, Alaska to Alexander Anderson and Marie Obert Anderson; stepfather Percy Jackson.  She died April 13, 2003 in Hoonah.  She was a member of the Takdeintaan clan and the Takdeintaan clan mother.  She was Chookaneidi Yadi, granddaughter to Chookaneidi of Naa Naa Hit and L’uknax-a’di Choh Kaas Hit. 

She lived in Hoonah most of her life.  Mary worked in crab and salmon canneries in Hoonah and Excursion Inlet, and also the crab and shrimp cannery in Hoonah.  All her life she was a hard worker in putting up her own food for the winter.  She was also a midwife. She was a member of the Mount Fairweather House commonly called the Snail House. 

Mary Wilson