Mary Johnson holding her namesake Mary (James) Katasse


Mary Johnson (Mary Joann (James) Johnson) was born in James Bay (currently Berg Bay, Glacier Bay National Park) November 30, 1912, in Hoonah, Alaska.  Her parents were John James and Susie Isaac, she was their 5th child.  She was of the Chookaneidi clan.  Mary Johnson spent many years at her family’s homestead in Glacier Bay.  She married William Johnson on December 4, 1926.  She had one adopted son (William M. “Tommy” Johnson, born March 10, 1944) who was born to her sister, Eva; because Mary was unable to conceive, Eva gave him to Mary.  William died in a boating accident on October 15, 1960. 

After a brief stay at St. Ann’s nursing home, Mary Johnson died in Juneau, Alaska on May 19, 2000.