Killerwhale Amulet

Stained whale bone amulet depicting a Killerwhale collected in Hoonah.

This object is made from whale bone and has been stained a dark color. This item was collected before 1880 and it’s 4.92 inches or 12.5cm long. This was collected in Hoonah by G.T. Emmons.

Cultural Narrative: 

The Killerwhale is an Eagle crest used by a few northern Tlingit clans.

Keet (Killerwhale)

Traditional Knowledge: 

Tlingits through the famous hunter and carver Naatsilanei made a pact with the Killerwhale people that they would not harm humans, in fact Keet (Killerwhales) would help people while they were on the water. That pact to this day has not been broken in the wild.

Shaman's charm of whale bone representing a killer whale.

Manufacture: Tlingit [Hoonah (Huna)]. 

Collected by Lieutenant George T. Emmons (1852-1945, US Navy 1881-1899) at an unknown date; purchased by MAI from George T. Emmons in 1922.