Jennie Malcolm

Jennie (Marvin) Malcolm 9/15/1873 – 10/5/55

Jennie was born to Henry Marvin who was a member of the Chookaneidi clan and Annie (Bean) Marvin who was a member of the T’akdeintaan clan. Jennie’s siblings were Reuben Sharclane, John Hanlon, Eva (Davis) Bevans, Charlie Davis and John Marvin.

Jennie was first married to Willis Hammond. They had one child together, Louise Hammond. Jennie’s second husband was Ben Metz, together they had four children, Alice (Tagg) DOB 1911, William “Bill” DOB 1/7/1909 – 2/11/94, Charles “Charlie” DOB 9/7/14 – 12/29/79 and Edward 6/28/18 – 7/1/85. Ben passed away in 1932. Jennie’s third marriage was to George Malcolm. Jennie and George did not have any children together.