Jennie Lindoff and Wilbur Lindoff

Jennie Lindoff and Wilbur Lindoff

Wilbur Lindoff

Wilbur Lindoff was born May 1, 1926 to Mary Watson and Otto Lindoff in Hoonah.  He was of the Takkdeintaan clan, T’akdein Hít (Whale Screen House).

His Tlingit name was Shkin naan, the name that most people knew him by. He was also known as ''the Governor.'

He attended Hoonah schools until the seventh grade and later served in the Army National Guard in Hoonah and Juneau. He married his wife of 49 years, Jennie, on June 3, 1949.

Wilbur Lindoff enjoyed fishing, hunting and trapping and was a lifelong commercial fisherman. He loved living off the land, picking berries, gumboots and digging clams and cockles. According to his family, he spoke his native language fluently and loved his Native culture.

''We will always remember Wilbur as that gentle, soft-spoken, distinguished man, with a lot of wit and a great sense of humor, who loved and cared about all his people,'' his family said.  “He was a man who had many friends (who) had the pleasure of being greeted with: 'Hello My Friend.' He loved his family very much.''

He died July 16, 1998 in Sitka.

The above is from Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian genealogy of Canada and Alaska.

Jennie Lindoff

Jennie Lindoff was born on June 19th, 1919.  She  was of the Eagle moiety.  Her Tlingit name was Aan Sheix.

She was a respected Chookenshaa (Chookeneidí woman), Xóots Hít (Brown Bear House), who everyone simply called “Grandma Jennie.” 

She was married to Wilbur Lindoff. Her daughter, Cathy Marie Lindoff, was born on February 3rd, 1960. Jennie’s Tlingit name was Aan Sheex, and she belonged to the X’oots Hít (Bear House).

Jennie Passed away on January 7th, 2017.