J.C. Johnson in ANB Hat and Koogeina

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J.C. Johnson was a Tlingit song composer and Captain of the FV Port Frederick.

J.C. Johnson

J.C. (John Chester) Johnson, Tlingit name Kaa au' Woo, was T’akdeintaan, Tsalxaan Hít (Mt. Fairweather House) and was born January 2, 1882 in Hoonah.  He married Elizabeth “Eliza” Dalton.  They had ten children.  Another Tlingit name for him was Kaak’w Eesh du yeet. His name was then carried to Alf Robert "Windy" Skaflestad of Hoonah, AK.

Marlene Johnson said "He was my mentor, and a clan leader.  He wrote 'Marlene Johnson's Song' and gave it to me."

He married Elizabeth “Eliza” Dalton (born 1888 in Hoonah).  They were the parents of ten children, one of whom was Lily White.


J.C. Johnson