James "Jimmie" Dalton, U.S. Army, 1985-88

Jimmie Dalton served in the 25th and 1st Infantry

Jimmie Dalton was raised by his Grandfather, George Dalton, Sr. and his grandmother Jessie Dalton, often in Glacier Bay.  He would also spend in Kake with his other grandparents, William and Violet James.  His father taught him how to hunt and fish and his mother taught him how to be “book smart”.  All this was good preparation to be in the Army.

Mr. Dalton said that his Mom kept a diary at home and after every school year she asked Jimmie what he wanted to do.  Every year he said he wanted to be in the Army (except for one year he wanted to be a policeman). 

Through High School he talked with his brother, Wilbur Pratt, about them both going into the Army at the same time.  After graduation, Jimmy “celebrated too long”.  That December he was working at L. Kanes, in the back, with a head of lettuce, when Wilbur showed up and said “Hey, Jimmie, look what you did to me!”  Wilbur was clean shaven and just out of boot camp.  Mr. Dalton said “Okay, okay, Wilbur, I’m going into Basic.” 

Jimmie Dalton served in the U.S. Army 1985-1988. His basic training was held in Fort Jackson, South Carolina and his Advanced Individual Training (AIT) was in Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. Jimmie served in the 25th Infantry Division in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii and Fort Riley, Kansas.

Jimmie Dalton drove deuce and a half (M35 2½-ton cargo truck) and 5 ton (M939, a 6×6 U.S. military heavy truck) trucks. He loved going out in the fields the most.  He felt that his childhood experiences prepared him for the Army: “I’m from Hoonah.  Me and our friends always went out on weekends.  I don’t see that going on very often no more.  Because too much computers, everybody’s into video games and stuff… me, Wilbur, Nick we spent quite a bit of time together hunting, fishing, seal hunting…”

Jimmie Dalton has told many people that “I went from Hoonahlulu to Honalulu!”