Hoonah Seine Boats Tied Together

It is likely that these boats are gathered for Memorial Day, as it was tradition to take community members over to Pitt (Graveyard) Island, seen on the right.
Traditional Knowledge: 

It is thought that these boats are gathered together to celebrate Memorial Day.  There is a flag showing on the right hand side boat.  Traditionally, the seine boats would take community members to Pitt (Graveyard) Island to pay respects to their friends or families. Local women would make flowers from crepe paper and pipe cleaners to place on graves and wreaths were thrown into the water from the dock. 

None of the boats have gear or nets on their boats so it appears as though this photo is prior to the start of the season.  Snow can still be seen on the mountains in the background, also an indication that this is a spring photo.  Also of note are the double ender skiffs that can be seen tied to the back of the seine boats. These double enders were very popular at the time. They were likely made locally as there were boat shops in town, three men who crafted boats include Lonnie Houston, Harold Jones and Silas Dalton. John Lawson was a carpenter shipwright.