Groundbreaking Ceremony for Huna Totem Corporation Office in Juneau, Alaska


Huna Totem Corporation was formed under the terms of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) enacted by Congress December 18, 1971.  The corporation's office in Juneau, Alaska was built in 1997.  Shareholders and supporters assisted in the ground breaking ceremony beneath the large Sitka spruce and hemlock trees. 

Huna Kaawu Hit Building (Xuna Kaawu Hit) was authorized on February 15, 1997.  At that time, the Huna Totem Corporation Board of Directors were Albert Dick (Chairman), Frank O. Williams (Vice Chairman), William “Ozzie” Sheakley (Secretary Treasurer), Tilli Greenewald Abbott (Director), Bertha M. Franulovich (Director), Karl H. Greenewald, Jr. (Director), Sam M. Hanlon (Director), Paul White, Jr. (Director), and Ernest “Ernie” W. Hillman, Jr. (Director).  Ernest Jack (Director) was elected on June 7, 1997.  Peter D. Hocson was the Chief Executive Officer, Jensen Yorba Lott, Inc. the architects and Triplette Construction, Inc. the contractor.  The Building was dedicated on March 28, 1998.

Since its incorporation, Huna Totem Corporation has become one of the most successful village corporations in Alaska.  Through strong leadership, a mindful board, and supportive shareholders, Huna Totem Corporation has made great strides in both protecting shareholder land in perpetuity and becoming a sustainable corporation for future generations.

Huna Totem Corporation is currently owned by over 1,400 shareholders whose aboriginal ties are to the Village of Hoonah in Southeast Alaska.