F/V Taholah

Main Street Hoonah can be seen in the background of the Taholah tied up at the Kane's dock which used to be Union Oil.
Traditional Knowledge: 

The Taholah was captained by John Fawcett. The barrel drum on the front of the boat held fuel for the power skiffs. This was a standard practice at the time along with using canvas on the bridge (top) of the boat to act as a wind and weather block. The small building on the beach front is the liquor store.


The FV Taholah, Captain John G. Fawcett, Sr., tied alongside the float at Kane’s dock. The 55 gallon drum at the front of the cabin is fuel for the power skiff. The long stack in the bow is from the galley stove below. Many of the fishing boats during that time had their galleys forward in the forecastle (foc’sle).