F/V Sapho Docked at the Cannery

Local fishing boat, captained by Hank Broulette, docked at the elevator which carried fish by bucket to dump in the Fish House.

The FV Sapho is tied alongside the fish elevator float. This is where the local kids would come to watch the fleet, and many young men can recall standing on the dock above watching their fathers, uncles, and grandfathers unload fish. This is where mnay young men got their entry into the seine fishery – young boys envied their older brother who had risen to the level of “bull cook,” the chief dish washer and go-fer. The official title was “bull.” To move the fish from the boat to the processor, the fish were pitched with a fish pew (a single-tined pitch fork) from the fish hold to the deck while other o deck pitched to the fish elevator, which lifted them to the dock level above. The salmon were separated and tallied by species, as each had different prices, but the set price was per salon regardless of size or weight.