F/V Key City Captain Jim McKinley

Key City shown in Middle Pass of the Inian Islands where Hoonah boats could fish without competition as the tides were so rough other boats could not fish there.
Traditional Knowledge: 

Key City would make their main set at low water, wait for the high water slack to make a set and fished the rock cliff. At the island tip on the other side of Key City is Grant Point, where the Grant family had a hook off.  To the left of Key City was known as the Laundry because it is a narrow passage that rumbles after low tide due to strong whirlpool currents.

Jim McKinley

This picture shows what looks to be a good set in Middle Pass at slack high water. The FV Key City, Captain Jim McKinley, is brailing fish from the “fish bag,” also called the “money bag.” The turn table has a small roller which suggests the boat was operated mainly by hand power. The light rigging, lack of power blocks, presence of Spanish corks(true cork, later replaced by synthetic materials) and non-motorized double ender skiff all suggest fairly early date for this picture. The presence of the anchor in the stern of the skiff suggests they had used a hook-off for this set. The Middle Pass, high-water-slack- set was a very competitive and difficult set which only the Huna fishermen mastered.