F/V Evolution 1948

Captained by Jim Marks, The Evolution was a family run boat, like many Hoonah boats were.

The Marks brothers, Willie and Jim, had a hook-off site between Fern Harbor and “Bubbles Bay.” Jim Marks caption the FV Evolution, seen here. In this very peaceful photo the crew appears to be taking a break in action during a haul – the turn table had been turned at the start of the haul, the seine has been pursed and the skiff crew is already aboard and the purse rings are on deck. The corks that were pulled by hand and stacked on the stern have been dumped back into the water, and it appears that the operation of pulling seine and stacking it on the turn table is about to begin. The fish are still in the water, soon to be brailed in the “money bag.” In the far right background another boat, probably the FV New Annie, captained Willie Marks, can be seen. Both seine vessels were crewed primarily by family which was true for most of the seiners from Hoonah.