F/V Clarice

The F/V Clarice was a seine boat owned by Hoonah resident William Johnson.

In 1943, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service reported that the most successful seine boat in three Juneau fisheries regulatory districts was the Clarice, which caught 72,000 fish. The crew share was $1,085. The Clarice was operated by William Johnson of Hoonah, who fished for the Icy Strait Salmon Company.


The crew of the FV Clarice, Captain William Johnson, is hauling in the net. As the purse is drawn in the corkline would be hand pulled by the “skiffmen” and stacked into the skiff’s hull, seen here, as well as on the stern of the main boat, which we are seeing in the photo. When the pursing was complete and all of the rings were hauled on deck, the corkline was then dumped overboard. It was important to do all of this in an orderly fashion, but as often times happened, some part of the net would snag on the propeller or rudder shoe of the boat, in which case a crewman would take the plunger – the thin pole sticking out from the stern of the boat – to un-snag the net before hauling could proceed.