Bea Brown (Beatrice Mildred White Brown)

Bea Brown at 1995 Clan Conference

Beatrice Mildred White Brown was born in Howard Bay, Alaska in 1933.  The daughter of Daniel White Sr. (Gunhadi) and Annie Jones (S’ee Tlein) of the Xutsnoowoo Xaan, who are the Bear fort people of Angoon, Alaska.  Beatrice is of the Teikweidi clan and her Tlingit name is See’-Thlein, Yax’laa Haat.

Annie’s father and mother were Billy Jones (Laangushu, Nahoowo, Kaadei kuya Deikaak) and Mary Charley (X’aw) who had five children. Beatrice was brought up by Annie White of the T’akdeintaan who took her out of the children’s home in Juenau and lived in Tak-Hit or Snail-House until the great fire destroyed most of Hoonah in 1944. 

She married Archie Jack Brown (Kowoo-Yaez) in 1948 in Sitka, who was the son of Jack Paul Brown Sr., (Yaay) of the Kaa Shayee-Hit of T’akdeintaan and Mabel Brown (Yak-Doo-oow) Xaatl-Hit or Ice House of the Chookaneidi. 

Beatrice and Archie had 13 children; Robert Duncan Brown Sr. was also raised by the Brown family.  Maureen, Myrna, Laura, Archie Jr., Gregory Sr., Daniel Sr., Gary Sr., William, Kenneth, Frank Sr., Audrey, Anthony and Beatrice.  She fostered many children for 26 years in which she adopted Christina Brown. 

Her Tlingit name was See'-Tlein , Yax'laa Haat & Xaw'.  Her clan was Teikweidí and she was a member of various Houses.

Bea Brown