Archie Brown

Archie Brown Standing in Front of an Audience

Archie Brown, Tlingit name Koo-woo-yzee, Chookaneidí, Xáatl Hít (Iceberg House) was a fisherman from Hoonah.  He was the past ANB president and a member of the Chookeneidi.  Oscar Williams was his father.

The following text is from Sharing Our Knowledge: The Tlingit and Their Coastal Neighbors edited by Sergei Kan, Steve Henrikson.  The words are from Mark Jacobs Jr., who served in the Navy during WWII.  Mark Jacobs Jr. was a sophomore at Sheldon Jackson School when Pearl Harbor was attacked:

 “The next day we put the boat on the gridiron (a series of cross timbers constructed on the beach for the purpose of supporting any boats beached for repairs).  During the early evening low tide, we took off the damaged propeller and put on the spare.  On the pier above us were three teenage Native boys who were speaking in the Tlingit language.  I heard them talking about how vicious the miniature PT looked and wondered about its machinery and speed.  When we were done, I climbed up to introduce myself to them in their own language.  This surprised them so much that it appeared as if they wanted to run.  I discovered that all three boys were expert in blinker and semaphore signaling; their interest was sparked by seeing the ship’s communication system.  It wasn’t long before all three boys entered the military service.  They were James Austin Jr., Archie Brown, and John Fawcett Jr.”

Archie Brown