Amos Wallace Silver Bracelet

Engraved silver bracelet depicting an eagle carved by Hoonah Tlingit artist Amos Wallace. Amos belonged to the Raven Moiety, T’akdeintaan Clan, X’áakw Hít of Hoonah and his Tlingit name was Jeet Yaaw Dustaa.

This bracelet was carved by Hoonah Tlingit artist, Amos Wallace. It is made from sheet silver, however earlier in Amo’s career he would have taken silver coins and pounded them out to form the bracelet shape. Once he got the desired shape, he would layout the design showing where he would have to cut the silver, then the engraving of the design would begin, and in this case, he chose classic formline style. In addition to having to work the silver before he could begin the actual engraving, he had to make his own graver tools from tool steel.

Cultural Narrative: 

Dáanaa kées (silver bracelet)

Ch’áak’ (Eagle)

Traditional Knowledge: 

Artists were usually part of the master/apprentice system where young beginning artists would be taken in by a master artist who would provide individualized instruction until the apprentice was determined by the master ready to be out on his/her own. In relative terms silversmithing is a new artform.

Amos Wallace
Cuff bracelet made of silver w/ engraved eagle.

Purchased by Indian Arts and Crafts Board representatives from Alaska Native Arts and Crafts (Anchorage, Alaska) in 1983; part of the IACB Headquarters collection (Department of the Interior, Washington, DC) until 2000 when it was transferred to NMAI.