Alice Hillman

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Alice Hillman

Alice Hillman was born Jan. 7, 1907, in Killisnoo to Marie and Henry Scott.  Her Tlingit name was K' ut X'eech.  She was a Tlingit of the Eagle Chookaneidee clan, Xáatl Hít (Iceberg House). Her father was of the Raven Dog Salmon clan. She grew up in Killisnoo and then moved to Hoonah, Juneau and Sitka before moving to Seattle.

She worked in the Hillman Stores, H.M. Parks Crab Cannery, Icy Straits Cannery, L. Kane Store and PS Ganty's store. She also worked at the Hoonah School and was a member of the school board.

Hillman taught first aid classes in Hoonah. She also offered medical assistance to the community and delivered many babies. She, along with Marlene Johnson, were instrumental in installing the swimming pool in Hoonah.

She was preceded in death by her husbands William R. Cook Sr., and Ernest Walter Hillman Sr.; and sons Donald Anthony Cook, Sr., and Michael Victor Cook, Sr.

William Cook and Alice Scott were married on 22 Nov 1920.

She was the mother of Ernie Hillman.

Alice Hillman walked into the forest on April 19, 2000, in Everett, Wash.

At her time of death, she was survived by her children Ernest Hillman Jr. of Juneau; William R. Cook, Jr., of Hoonah; Patricia ``Betty'' Moy, Muriel ``Molly'' Stivers, Nina Estus, George Oliver Hillman; her tribal mother Amy Marvin of Hoonah; her tribal father Walter Soboloff of Juneau; tribal sisters and brothers William Osborne, Mable Lawrence, Ralph Knudson, Betty Murphy, Esther Clark, Joseph Howard all of Juneau; Jessie and Andrew Johnson of Sitka; Helen and Frances Austin of Seattle; Martha Davis, Deborah Dalton, James Osborne, Jim Austin Sr., Kenneth Austin, Lily White, Mary Rudolph, Helen Peters, Mary Johnson, Jennie Lindoff, Wilbur James, Winnie Smith all of Hoonah; many grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren; and several more family members.

Hillman was buried in Seattle. There was a memorial service at the Hoonah ANB Hall.

Alice Hillman