Alaska Indians Activities of the Alaska Native 1947 Map

This map shows the territory wide distribution of hospitals, Native schools, Native stores, medical services and radio stations present in 1947.

Post WWII the Territory of Alaska was in need of infrastructure development. This map shows what is currently available in 1947. The initial groundwork for becoming a state begins around this time and the development of infrastructure is one of the main points for statehood.

This period of time 1947-1949 for the Territory of Alaska was a time of virtual bankruptcy. In the post WWII years which brought on the beginning of the Cold War, these combined conditions caused a severe drop in revenue and a steep rise in demand for government services. This resulted in a fiscal shortfall that led to the decision to implement a tax system to match the needs of the current Alaskan economy. This action would help pave the way for statehood in 1959.