Aerial Views of Hoonah Logging, Log Rafts and Mountains

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These aerial photographs show giant log rafts, Whitestone Logging camp and mountains on a clear, sunny day.

The top photograph shows Whitestone Logging Camp, circa mid-1980s.  Huna Totem Corporation, Sealaska Corporation and the U.S. Forest Service worked out a deal to create the roads that go to the Camp.  The log rafts (on page 2) were generally comprised of excellent spruce and cedar, highly prized for furniture in their destination country, Japan- and around the world, Sitka Spruce is renowned for its excellent qualities as musical soundboards (for many musical instruments, including guitarsmandolinscellosviolins, and the soundboard at the heart of a piano and the harp).  The most famous violins in the world, Stradivarius, are made of spruce.