Net Repair and the F/V Kathy H and Western Queen

Sam Hanlon captained the Kathy H seen here likely on a weekend when the crew worked on nets, patched holes and made repairs.
Traditional Knowledge: 

Boat care was routine. Crew and captains had a strong work ethic and took pride in their boats.The barrel drum seen on the right is holding outboard mix. It was common for hand trollers to have a drum next to where they tie up to avoid having to run for oil every time they needed it.  The boat behind the Kathy H is the Western Queen, captained by Richard Bean and later by his son Victor Bean, Sr.


All crewmen were expected to become experts in repairing nets and everybody was expected to participate.  This meant sewing up rips and patching larger holes.  But when the nets were tended to, there was other fishing to be done.  The 50-gallon drum on the float was probably outboard fuel storage staged on the float for hand trolling.  Many seine crewmen owned smaller boats and supplemented their seining incomes by hand trolling in the  early morning hours and during seine closures.  No limited entry numbers can be seen on any boats.